The RSC® Brace to treat scoliosis(Rigo® System Cheneau®)

scoliosis patient with rsc rigo cheneau brace spinal corset by ortholutions

Not merely a brace,
but an all-embracing scoliosis therapy!

How you benefit from the unique scoliosis network.

7 facts which distinguish
the RSC® Brace from other scoliosis braces

Ortholutions RSC®
scoliosis seminar

What you can learn about the
scoliosis treatment system
in three days.
With certificate!

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Why a scoliosis network?

Do you want direct cooperation with international scoliosis experts? 

With the RSC® Brace scoliosis
system you are involved.

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RSC® scoliosis-system »

Why scoliosis patients decide in favour of the RSC® Brace.

Scoliosis braces can be obtained
almost everywhere.

3 reasons why 
scoliosis patients decide
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Kyphosis – Scheuermann

Trunk orthoses for treatment of the
sagittal profile of the spine.
patients and in service fabrication
for specialised customers.

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Orthopedic fabrication service – orthotics, prosthetics, seats

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Ortholutions – your partner for modern trunk orthoses and scoliosis therapy.
Simply order per measurement sheet.
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Complex trunk orthoses provision of any kind is available via specialists.

How does the Ortholutions service fabrication work?