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Model service – service fabrication & know-how for orthopedic technology 

Orthoses, prosthesis, helmets, seating shells – PUR models and for highest standards

High-quality positive models in a functional biomechanical design for all indications – benefit from extensive experience in orthopedic model production


A complete production system supported by CAD/CAM usually consists of three components: a measurement system or scanner, a computer with design software and a milling machine.

The last mentioned device represents the greatest investment in this connection. This is usually not affordable for the smaller or medium-sized company specializing in orthopedics.

orthoses pur models for afo , kafo - orthopedic milling service fabrication by ortholutions

Functional orthoses models for orthopedic production in pioneering CAD/CAM milling technology


This is why many businesses use the services of a company with appropriate equipment for orthopedic service fabrication in order to have the required models produced individually by means of own CAD data or also dimension sheets and photos. 

Ortholutions was founded in 2001 and produces individual as well as standardized trunk orthoses and lower-limb orthoses at the production site in Rosenheim. In 2015 the manufacturer expanded its production system by adding the most modern milling technologies supported by CAD/CAM.

The pioneering technology is supplemented by new software solutions which provide diverse possibilities for reproduction and new production of orthopedic models of all sorts. The product range includes horizontal-positioning and seating shells, braces and cushions as well as TLSO (thoracolumbosacral orthosis), KAFO (knee-ankle-foot orthosis) and cranial models.

The provider’s CAD milling service supports companies of all sizes, from small and specialized orthopedic technicians to industrial and central production centers.

The innovative solution: 1:1 copies and functional models from scan data

In this connection the customer optionally orders a PUR model for manual processing in their own business. In order to do this they can simply transfer their digital scan data onto the manufacturer’s server, whereby all common file formats will be accepted.

Ortholutions alternatively offers the possibility to order a functional model with the suitable biomechanical design from an extensive database – likewise on the basis of the scan data uploaded by the customer in advance. The customer can subsequently process this model directly in their business. The Ortholutions database provides models for all indications.


orthopedic seating shell manufactures in cad cam milling service fabrication by ortholutions

Orthopedic seating shells will be milled for you by means of the most modern CAD/CAM technology, custom-fit and functionally according to your specifications

Orthopedic technicians who cannot provide any scan data are also not left out at all: the milling service produces customized PUR models as required. For this working procedure the customer merely sends the appropriate body dimensions and relevant digital photos, and also receives a functional model with biomechanical design. 

Data transfer for reproduction and archiving 

The offer is rounded off by the company’s new model archive. Here the customer can create a digital template library of their positive models.

Advantages are on the one hand the safe and space-saving archiving of models on the Ortholutions server, and on the other hand the possibility to request fast reproductions according to specification at any time.


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