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The RSC® course April, 2017

29.05.2017 · 10:42:43

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Eric Tosky from Orthopedic Alternatives Inc. / Fresh Meadows, New York about his impressions of the 15th RSC® Brace Intensiv Seminar, April 2017.

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Scoliosis Days

26.06.2015 · 21:06:47

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The Department of Pediatric, Adolescent and Neuro-orthopedics at Rummelsberg Hospital, together with the orthopedic workshop ORTHOTechnik Rummelsberg, hosted the “Rummelsberg Scoliosis Days 2015” in June.
Two days were entirely devoted to scoliosis. Interested parties from professional circles and those affected had the opportunity to get information and further training concerning the latest state of therapy for idiopathic and neurological scoliosis.

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Ortholutions Scoliosis Network - Questions and Answers

17.10.2014 · 21:31:59

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What is the scoliosis network by Ortholutions and how exactly is it built? How does the RSC Brace work to treat scoliosis? At the OT World trade fair in Leipzig, Dino Galle answers the essential questions about the international scoliosis system. Learn more about the individual components of this holistic scoliosis treatment concept.

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Correcting and Influencing the Sagittal Profile of the vertebral column

17.06.2013 · 12:45:50

Fig. 2 Completed orthosis module for the correction of Scheuermann's disease, thoracic type. Clearly visible: The orthosis almost only consists of elements that constitute the correction zones. - JPG-Grafik 7,68 KB

This article describes trunk orthoses which are manufactured without a plaster cast by using the individual body measurements. They are manufactured in Ortholutionsv CAD CAM technology or on the basis of prefabricated modules. The biomechanical principle is the same in both cases.

The fitting procedure and some examples for Scheuermann’s disease and spondylolisthesis are illustrated in pictures.

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