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Correcting and Influencing the Sagittal Profile of the vertebral column

17.06.2013 · 12:45:50

Fig. 2 Completed orthosis module for the correction of Scheuermann's disease, thoracic type. Clearly visible: The orthosis almost only consists of elements that constitute the correction zones. - JPG-Grafik 4,00 KB

This article describes trunk orthoses which are manufactured without a plaster cast by using the individual body measurements. They are manufactured in Ortholutionsv CAD CAM technology or on the basis of prefabricated modules. The biomechanical principle is the same in both cases.

The fitting procedure and some examples for Scheuermann’s disease and spondylolisthesis are illustrated in pictures.

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Treatment safety in idiopathic scoliosis

28.05.2013 · 17:06:12

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There are many different technical possibilities and philosophies in the conservative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis (IS). The important thing is that the goals of treatment are clearly defined.

These are primarily to prevent progression from the beginning to the end of treatment time. Depending on the initial situation and compliance – that is, all factors influencing the course of treatment.

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Scoliosis therapie international

17.05.2013 · 09:11:07

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International conservative scoliosis treatment. How is it possible to build up an international scoliosis treatment team?
The following article reports on the success of a special kind of cooperation.

This cooperation arises from the treatment of scoliosis patients and the deep relationship between people from different occupational groups who face the challenge of conservative therapy of idiopathic scoliosis.

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11th international RSC® Brace Seminar at Ortholutions in Rosenheim

16.05.2013 · 17:20:00

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International seminars on scoliosis brace therapy using the RSC® Brace (Rigo® System Cheneau®) have taken place regularly in Rosenheim since 2003. The popular seminar lasts two and a half days and ends with a final examination for all participants.

This year, in addition to six German groups, the team of the Scoliosis Care Clinic of Zwolle in the Netherlands, a Canadian team from Toronto and Dr. Mina Jelačić from Serbia were present.

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