Scoliosis and muscles

How does a scoliosis brace affect muscles?

Idiopathic and neurological scoliosis
are treated with similar brace principles

idiopathic scoliosis - muscles affected into better body static by Rigo Cheneau bracing by Ortholutions

The muscles and body statics of the scoliosis patient with idiopathic scoliosis have been improved by treatment with a Rigo System Cheneau brace (RSC®)

One frequently asked question with regard to the different forms of scoliosis is: Is the musculature negatively influenced by wearing a brace?

The question arises with the treatment of neurological forms of scoliosis as well as idiopathic scoliosis, which appears most frequently with approx. 80 % of cases.

With neurological scolioses there is no chance to activate the musculature. In other words, if a child is sat down without a brace, for instance, the muscles are only pathologically active, i.e. in the false sense.

As a result, they strengthen the forces which strengthen a scoliosis. But positive muscular activity is created if the musculature is stretched by a brace with a flexible scoliosis, no matter whether the brace is worn while standing, sitting or during the night.

Muscular activity can be created in the brace through a proper brace that results in a stretching of the musculature.

The stretching of shortened musculature consequently means that the innervated (functioning or partially functioning) musculature works in a controlled manner and can develop.

The proper stretching in the brace (or through an operation) ensures that the
musculature obtains the proper lever arms again.

The brace (corset) puts the scoliosis patient clearly in straight position, thus expands the core muscles and allow her to sit free and manipulating

And if the lever action of the musculature is correct it can function.
That is to say, if the lever arms of the musculature are improved by trunk orthoses or operations, patients can move better despite paralysis or control errors. This means an improvement of the situation is given or even possible at all with a brace.

Provided that it is properly designed, not a worsening of the muscular situation, but an improvement is brought about through a brace.
A brace also has a decisive effect on respiration and body statics.

With severe neurological scolioses, respiration is maintained or even enabled in the first place through a brace. With others the function of a trunk orthosis is an important starting point in physiotherapy.

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