Scoliosis Days in Rummelsberg

For scoliosis patients, self-help groups and experts

Professional scoliosis treatment – information and conversations with scoliosis experts


scoliosis bracing with rsc rigo cheneau brace in scoliosis network by ortholutions

Ortholutions provided information about the RSC Brace and the scoliosis network for experts and scoliosis patients

The Rummelsberg Scoliosis Days 2015 provided an extensive program for interested parties, those affected and experts. Current physiotherapeutic treatment methods, current brace technology and surgical techniques were presented to visitors.

In addition to the department’s experienced team of physicians and orthopedic technicians, the internationally recognized scoliosis expert Dr. Manuel Rigo from Barcelona was invited as keynote speaker.

Ortholutions presented itself as a partner of ORTHOTechnik Rummelsberg Rummelsberg. German Scoliosis Association  was on site with members of the board and a lot of useful information.


First day – medical symposium

Chief Physician Prof. h.c. Dr. med. univ. MBA Walter Michael Strobl gave a lecture on
he causes and development of scoliosis. Senior Physician Dr. Schuseil and Senior Physician
Dr. Senghaas described divisions and classifications as well as treatment techniques.

rigo about the ortholutions rsc rigo cheneau brace

Dr. Manuel Rigo explains the mode of action of the RSC (Rigo System Cheneau) Brace from Ortholutions to participants

Thomas Pielmeier, Schroth therapist from Nuremberg, presented current and documented physiotherapeutic treatment methods with their advantages and disadvantages. His lecture clearly demonstrated that physiotherapy based on the Schroth Method is best suited with regard to adolescent scoliosis.

Andreas Rieppel, master orthopedic technician and technical director at ORTHOTechnik, gave a lecture on the fundamentals of brace therapy and presented results with descriptive photos.

Dr. Manuel Rigo gave an extensive lecture afterwards on general principles for treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. In addition to his medical and therapeutic training, he has extensive knowledge of brace construction. He consequently embodies three professional groups in one person and presented international treatment principles for scoliosis based on his extensive experience.

scoliosis expert shows manufacturing cheneau brace after plaster cast

Andreas Rieppel, scoliosis expert from ORTHOTechnik Rummelsberg, describes the production of a scoliosis brace according to a plaster cast

After the lunch break participants had the opportunity to become acquainted with different methods of production in the orthopedic workshop. In addition to the classic method of production according to a plaster cast, the production of a brace made to measure with the help of CAD or a 3D scan was also demonstrated.

A lecture on surgical treatment and neuromuscular scoliosis was given in the afternoon.

Second day – Patient Information Day with the German Scoliosis Association (Bundesverband Skoliose-Selbsthilfe e.V.)

The second day was under the motto: “Scoliosis health forum”. It was an information event in non-medical language. The German Scoliosis Association first introduced itself with its activities and in its new structure.

Extensive information about scoliosis treatment was presented by the physicians after that. During the entire day there was an opportunity for conversations with people with scoliosis and with experts as well as to get acquainted with the production of braces in the Rummelsberg orthopedic workshop.

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