Scoliosis Education

The Chêneau brace after Rigo

24.02.2017 · 13:08:35

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In this two-day theoretical seminar, Dr. Mina Jelačić MD will first show the biomechanical aspects and pathomechanism of the idiopathic scoliosis and the three-dimensional correction principles of the Rigo-Chêneau brace. She will also demonstrate the production method, with classification, model techniques, and fitting.

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Scoliosis - how are muscles affected by bracing?

4.07.2015 · 07:40:00

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How do braces (trunk orthoses) affect the different forms of scoliosis? Is the musculature weakened by a trunk orthosis, or does it remain active? Can it possibly develop even better?
Neurological and idiopathic scolioses differ, but effect of trunk orthoses for correction and improvement of body statics is very similar.

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Scoliosis Days

26.06.2015 · 21:06:47

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The Department of Pediatric, Adolescent and Neuro-orthopedics at Rummelsberg Hospital, together with the orthopedic workshop ORTHOTechnik Rummelsberg, hosted the “Rummelsberg Scoliosis Days 2015” in June.
Two days were entirely devoted to scoliosis. Interested parties from professional circles and those affected had the opportunity to get information and further training concerning the latest state of therapy for idiopathic and neurological scoliosis.

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Scoliosis and pregnancy – what does science tell us?

2.02.2015 · 21:48:06

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Scoliosis and pregnancy – is that possible?

Scoliosis patients often ask themselves how a pregnancy will be for them.
Patients with scoliosis are often advised against a pregnancy,
or massive problems such an increase of scoliosis or massive pain are predicted.
Is normal sexuality possible? How will a birth proceed?

But scientific studies have shown clear results with regard to how a pregnancy with scoliosis turns out to be.

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