Myrtes scoliosis story

How Myrte descovered the  
RSC® brace and  BSPTS Schroth Therapy 

A scoliosis patient tell her story

scoliosis treatment with rigo cheneao brace schroth bspts by ortholutions

Myrte, scoliosis patient from the Netherlands tells about RSC® bracing and BSPTS Schroth Therapy

How it all started …
I play volleyball every Saturday and therefore after ‘this’ Saturday it was all clear to me what I had.I wanted to pass a ball, while I tried, I made a wrong movement. I suddenly felt a lot of pain in my back. I did not know what it was.

Later, when it was evening, my mother went to watch my back and it turned out that there was a big hump.

The next day I went to the house doctor and they said it was probably just a muscle strain. Only this was not to be. The pain did not stop and I was referred to the hospital. Here she made radiographs and there came that there was something wrong with my spine.

I had to go to Nijmegen, to St. Maartenskliniek, this is a hospital where they are specialized in spines. Here I was talking to an orthopedic surgeon and they suggested the diagnosis of scoliosis.
I had a Cobb angle of 45 degrees and a brace was no option in their opinion.

I would get a surgery. But my mind was made up! I wanted absolutely no surgery. Therefore, I immediately went that afternoon on the Internet to search for other alternatives and thus I came to the site of Scoliosis Care Clinic (

We were allowed to interview and everything was explained well. They told about a possibility for a RSC® Brace (Rigo System Cheneau) from Ortholutions in Germany and I would follow the intensive therapy. I was exited! There was something I could do.

We decided to choose this change. First at Scoliosis Care Clinic they messured my body, made clinical pictures and needed Xrays. They put it in the database of Ortholutions and then I had to waith for my RSC® Brace.

About a month later, my brace could get fitted in Zwolle by Dino Gallo, Co- founder of Ortholutions. It was early summer, and man, what did the brace hurting in the beginning. The first day I could wear the brace for one hour. I could no longer. But it went better and better over time and I managed it to wear the RSC® Brace longer.

This was a relief! Now I wear it 23 hours a day. With clothes figuring sometimes I find it difficult, but you know what you’re doing it for.
Also, I ordered a second set of books at school so I don’t have to carry so much.

During the autumn started my first two weeks of intensive therapy at Scoliosis Care Clinic.
I was pretty nervous. Should I get a nice group? Are there people of my age?
But everything was not too bad, two weeks flew by and I still have now contacted a number of girls from my group.

The therapists are very nice! The second two weeks of intensive therapy I followed for the Christmas holidays. Again, this was great.

For me it was primarily the need that my Cobb Angle would not be worse and that I would have less pain.

And these goals are accomplished! With my RSC® Brace everything is ok and the exercises I do at home with some music ;)

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