The Chêneau brace after Rigo

Theoretical 2 day Scoliosis Seminar

Scoliosis-Seminar Dr. Mina Jelacic - Cheneau Brace after Rigo

Seminar dates

Seminar 2017: Friday 24. + Saturday 25. November 2017

Seminar 1/2018: Friday 20. + Saturday 21. July 2018
Seminar 2/2018: Friday 23. + Saturday 24. November 2018


The Chêneau brace is one of the standard treatments in conservative therapy for scoliosis correction.

In 1989, Dr. Manuel Rigo MD began to use Chêneau principles and since then, he has further developed them, including in consultation with Dr. Chêneau.
The improved Rigo classification, with the relevant representation for the principles of correction, allows for the targeted treatment of various curvature patterns with a scoliosis brace.
In this two-day theoretical seminar, Dr. Mina Jelačić MD will first show the biomechanical aspects and pathomechanism of the idiopathic scoliosis and the three-dimensional correction principles of the Rigo-Chêneau brace. She will also demonstrate the production method, with classification, model techniques, and fitting.

This Seminar will be held in English Language.

Intended Audience:
Certified Orthotists with Experience in the conservative Scoliosis Treatment

Jenny Schmid (Ortholutions), Dino Gallo (Ortholutions)

Dr. Mina Jelačić, ScolioControl, Serbia

Skoliosis Centre Ortholutions, Rosenheim / Germany

Seminar Fee:
830,00 € / Attendee

20 Attendees