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Orthopedic technology – Fabrication service with experience at the highest level

PUR models for ortheses, prostheses – seat shells, horizontal-positioning shell, cushion

 orthopedic fabrication service tlso kafo helmets pur models seating shells by ortholutions

Whether it be a sitting stabilization brace, TLSO, KAFO or cranial model – All you have to do is send your digital data to Ortholutions – there are no system-orientated file formats involved – all subsequent file formats will be processed for you at no extra cost.

You can plan with products that you can retrieve at any time. You produce products in a modern way, you increase the quality and reproducibility. You save time and reduce costs. 

Using your data, a PUR model is sent for further processing to either be produced on site or a functional form model will be produced using the Ortholutions databank. You can also create a digital model archive for yourself – for archiving and reproduction.

1:1 Copy 

  • For further processing  
  • Modeling on site
  • Archiving

 PUR function model 

  • Function model 
  • For further processing
  • Archiving

PUR Model to measure

  • According to body dimensions 
  • Digital photos
  • For further processing

Dimension sheet download »

Reproduction – Archive

  • Archiving of positive models
  • Reproduction 




Scans of all formats in a functional form or as a direct scan are created for all challenging production processes

1:1 Copy created from your scanned data

All you have to do is simply send us your scanned data. We will process all standard data forms for you.
Without additional costs for the conversion. The PUR models are then produced in order to be processed further at your business. 

PUR function model from scanned data

You profit from extensive experience.
The dimensions are derived from the digital data provided and this is then transferred
onto a functional model with the corresponding bio-mechanical design for absolutely all indications.


High-quality PUR model in all variations in accordance with the data which you have provided or the tried-and-tested design from Ortholutions

PUR function model to measure

No digitalization. Just dimensions.
Use the wide variety of bio-mechanical designs for absolutely all indications.
Simply order a functional PUR model with just the dimension sheet and digital photos.

Data transfer for reproduction and archiving

Create your own template library with functional models which can be 
reproduced at anytime in accordance with your specifications.
Archive your positive model safely and in a space-saving way.


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