The original RSC® Brace. 

The successful treatment of idiopathic scoliosis.

The basic idea:scoliosis physician diagnose on xray for rsc brace

The RSC® Brace (Rigo® System Chêneau®) was developed with the goal to provide a standardised, but at the same time individual scoliosis therapy.

It guarantees maximum treatment safety during the provision of brace.

The fully developed and well thought-out scoliosis brace is an element of a proven therapy concept. It is manufactured individually according to the patented Ortholutions process.

The RSC® Brace is the holistic further development of the Chêneau brace (by Dr Jacques Chêneau) through Manuel Rigo and Ortholutions.

RSC® Brace

Proofed individual standard
of biomechanical designs
for scoliosis treatment.

RSC® Seminar

Scoliosis seminar for
Orthotists, Physiotherapist
and MD.