The RSC® Brace scoliosis system

7 facts which distinguish the RSC® Brace from other scoliosis braces:

1. Schroth and BSPTS therapy methods integrated

rsc rigo cheneau brace for scoliosis treatment by ortholutions

The original RSC® Brace (Rigo System Cheneau brace) is a reproduction of hand-modelled corset models by Dr Rigo

The biomechanical design of the RSC® Brace implements physiotherapeutic exercises. The curvature-specific modules are based on Schroth therapy as well as BSPTS (Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School) methods.

2. RSC® Brace – original by Dr Rigo

Every RSC® Brace is a 100% reproduction of an
original hand-modelled scoliosis corset by Dr Rigo.
The patented Ortholutions production method enables this.

3. Ready for fitting 

Every RSC® Brace can be tried on immediately after unpacking. It is delivered ready for fitting.

4. Ortholutions communication platform

dr rigo is modelling the rsc rigo cheneau brace for scoliosis therapy by ortholutions

Scoliosis expert Dr Rigo models a new RSC® Brace model for the Ortholutions database

Scoliosis expert Dr Rigo models a new RSC® Brace model for the Ortholutions database. Every patient obtains the determination of curvature pattern and brace determination through Dr Rigo via the secure Ortholutions database. 

5. Certificate of authenticity 

Every RSC® Brace is delivered with a certificate.  
It confirms to every patient the patented production process and classification by Dr Rigo.

6. Unique support

Every customer/patient has the technical support from Ortholutions at all times for treatment with the RSC® Brace system.

7. Documentation and statistics

The secure database always allows the evaluation of data relevant for treatment. Data can be read out at any time for statistics.

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