Certificate of authenticity and seal.

scoliosis rigo cheneau brace from ortholutions

A genuine RSC® Brace always has a seal.

To be sure – and safe.

The RSC® Brace is produced by Ortholutions in a patented process.

This means that genuine RSC® (Rigo System Chenêau) Braces are only available from Ortholutions or from a certified specialist firm.

When you receive your brace, simply check whether the seal is clearly visible.





rsc brace scoliosis certificate after rigo cheneau

Each RSC® Brace
comes with certificate of authenticity

This ensures that RSC® braces are only provided by trained and certified firms.

The certificate bears your name and guarantees that the RSC ® brace has been produced for you in our patented process.

It also guarantees that your scoliotic curvature has been determined and the brace design selected by the expert Dr Rigo.