RSC® Brace Scoliosis Patients Meeting.

The scoliosis meetings address three areas:

scoliosis experts dino gallo avital pinhas discuss rigo cheneau rsc brace

Scoliosis experts discuss the modifications of a RSC Rigo System Cheneau brace.

For users and their families, there is one main focus: they enjoy the service and security offered by the RSC® Brace and the comprehensive RSC® concept.

This includes regular meetings attended by Ortholutions specialists from Germany who come to monitor all cases and discuss possible improvements together with local partners.

It is extremely important for users and their families to get to know the firm behind the RSC® Brace in person. They are glad to have this unique chance to address any issues troubling them.

Für Anwender und deren Familien ist es sehr wichtig, dass sie den Hersteller des RSC® Brace persönlich kennenlernen können. Sie nutzen die einzigartige Möglichkeit gerne, um alle Fragen die ihnen auf dem Herzen liegen zu klären.

What do the scoliosis meetings change?

All new findings are discussed by the specialists and implemented. The meetings build up patient’s trust in all the unique components of the patented RSC® Brace treatment system. Far more importantly, patients and their families learn to accept themselves and their situation, and this is the most significant step in scoliosis treatment.

A direct exchange of information between the attending experts drives forward development. All users naturally also benefit from the close and productive teamwork of the RSC® Brace specialists.

Being part of the unique international RSC® Brace group gives patients and family members faith in the future and encourages them to move forward with hope.