What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis – a three-dimensional deformation of the spine.

scoliosis patient with x-ray from dorsal the lateral deviation of the spine is visible

Girls are four times more frequently affected by this than boys. By means of so-called clinical examinations and a radiograph it can be determined whether a person has scoliosis and how pronounced it is.

In order to avoid X-rays, measuring devices such as the scoliometer or imaging methods such as the “Formetric” system are utilised. The curvatures can be very slight to severe. They can have the shape of the letter “S” or an elongated “C”.

Whoever starts with treatment in due time can stop the progression of scoliosis or even reduce the curvatures with modern and functional spinal orthoses such as the RSC® Brace. In addition, a symmetric appearance of the body is restored.


How you can detect scoliosis.

The so-called “Adams Test” enables parents to simply determine whether
scoliosis is developing
among their children.  

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Take advantage of the unique opportunity.

If treatment is started
in due time, scoliosis
is treatable with
a brace.
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Questions regarding provision of brace and scoliosis.

Find out everything – 
wearing periods of the
scoliosis brace, check-up 
as well as checking the fit.
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