Take the opportunity to correct the scoliosis.

Start early enough with the scoliosis treatment.

Many young people receiving the diagnosis of scoliosis are very concerned about this fact and the consequences that this disorder has on their lives.

Often it is helpful for
them to learn that they are not alone.

Scoliosis of about 20° Cobb occur
in 0.5% of the population. Girls are affected four times more often than boys.

If treatment is started early, scoliosis
can be well treated by using a brace.

Progression of scoliosis can only be stopped during a certain period in your life – your growth period.

In addition to proper use of your corset as instructed, regular visits to a professional team of specialists are also very important.

This is the only possibility to ensure timely and efficient implementation of changes.

Following the instructions means doing everything possible to prevent further progression of scoliosis.

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