The scoliometer – ATR Tool. Angle of Trunk Rotation Tool.
(scoliometer with approved Bunnell scale.) 

The exact follow-up of scoliosis without radiation exposure.

measuring cobb angle scoliosis scoliometer bunnell with angle of trunk rotation tool

Perfect for the clinical examination of your scoliosis patients.

With the ATR tool you have an accurate way to measure the surface rotation of the back of your scoliosis patients. Determine trunk asymmetries, vertebral rotation and the cobb angle. 

Scoliosis school screenings.

Rapidly compile data for a reliable diagnosis in school screenings. scoliometer to measure  cobb angle of scoliosis after bunnell with adams test
The measurements are as usual conducted in an Adams forward bend test.

A high quality scoliometer. Precise and steady.

Daily use.
Those who examine scoliosis patients on a daily basis know just how useful a measuring device this precise scoliometer is. It works in the same way as the Bunnell scoliometer.

Steady and precise.
The ATR tool is made of anodised aluminium and is much easier to hold than plastic devices. The ball moves sensitively and precisely in the measuring fluid, ensuring
rapid and accurate measurements.

School screening.
The ATR tool is used as a reliable clinical measuring device for scoliosis screening in schools.

Diagnosis and avoiding X-ray exposure.measure with scoliometer cobb angle of scoliosis bunnell with adams test

Carrying out daily clinical examinations with the ATR tool allows you to document progress and obtain exact indications of spinal rotation and the Cobb angle without the need for X-rays.

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