The Ortholutions RSC® Brace Protocol

Based on the newest scientific knowledge

The RSC® Brace Treatment System. 

The compliance of international scoliosis treatment standards is the base of any RSC Brace treatment

The RSC® Brace is manufactured in accordance with the patented procedure of Ortholutions. This is not a scoliosis brace but a holistic treatment system. It clearly adheres to the current international, scientifically defined guidelines. The wearing times as well as the X-ray checks and the check-up appointments are defined in the treatment protocol.

Objectives of the Ortholutions RSC® Brace system.

When is the use of a spinal brace required.

rigo cheneau rsc brace scoliosis correction

Cobb angle and risser sign are indicators which are clarified in advance exactly of the scoliosis experts

In the case of a curvature of more than 25 degrees according to Cobb and less than Risser sign 4. Curvature of more than 45 degrees according to Cobb and less than Risser sign 4, if surgery is refused or if other reasons are to the fore.
In the case of a curvature of more than 25 degrees according to Cobb closely monitoring the risk of deterioration.

Wearing times of the RSC® Brace.

The wearing times depend on certain parameters such as curvature and age.In principle, three wearing time variants are distinguished:
at night (night time or overnight use-nt), part time (partial time-pt) or full time (full time-ft).

Adjustment Periods of the Brace.

patient with scolisois in rsc rigo cheneau brace from ortholutions

Scoliosis patient puts on her RSC brace by herself easily.

The adjustment period is organized in 3 steps which have a logical and functional structure:

  1. at night
  2. in the afternoon
  3. in the morning

The individual wearing times are clarified in consultation with the specialist team.

Check-up appointments.

6-8 weeks after achieving the wearing time defined

After 3 months

After 6 months


x-ray with scoliosis is analyzed by physician

Physician checks an x-ray with the diagnose scoliosis

With a regular process, the RSC® Brace treatment method provides for X-rays in order to reduce radiation exposure when compared to other methods. The first X-ray takes place after 6-8 weeks of wearing the brace; subsequently the X-rays always take place with the follow-up care.

That means that there is no X-ray without the brace as the diagnosis and the determination of the curvature pattern have already been ascertained at the outset of the treatment. Thus, the radiation exposure is reduced by 50 %.

Attention: This regulation can only be implemented if all check-up appointments have been kept and if the patient is clinically examined on a regular basis by a competent team. Should deviations become obvious with the clinic examinations, X-rays without the brace are required in order to clarify the current condition and to adapt the measures.

The Risser sign.

risser sing for bone maturity in scoliosis diagnosis

The Risser sign (apophysis of the iliac crests) is used for determination of bone maturity – in scoliosis patients, it is important to define the therapy

The so-called Risser sign serves to determine the biological maturity and the bone age. It is a measurement for the spine growth still to be expected. (It shows the formation of bone, the so-called ossification, of the iliac apophysis) 

The Risser sign is read out with the help of the X-rays.

Further possibilities to determine the maturity and the growth potential are as follows: – to x-ray the left hand