Customised positive models and orthoses.

For the highest claims on trunk orthoses.

No software. No digitalisation. No extra costs.service fabrication spinal back braces tlso trunk orthoses in orthopaedics

Just order by dimension sheet.

For complex orthotic requirements

For everything from seating systems to corrective and stabilising TLSO, many seek the expert advice of our specialist team in treatment planning.

Each orthosis (ready to try on) and PUR positive model is produced exactly to your order.

You select the biomechanical design of the basic models which are available in our database.

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Premium orthotics technology:
the benefits of individual customisation

Why are orthoses from Ortholutions more effective?

The answer is simple: they fit better. And a better fit means greater comfort and functionality. You, the experienced orthopaedic technician, then simply make the final adjustments when the orthosis is tried on.

Did you know… More and more of our customers are setting up their own model databases so they can simply order with dimension sheets – and have a secure database for documenting the products used.