rBow. Functional reclination.

Just one component for the maximum hyperextension.

The rBow reclination bar can be attached on  all spinal braces.
Compared to aluminum much stronger and more durable.

reclination bar for all hyerextension tlso orthoses to assemble from ortholutions

The most intelligent solution for reclination an hyperextension braces.

The rBow is a perfect incorporation of the requirements of function, assembly and easy everyday use.

You have produced a superb trunk orthosis. Now you can make your work easier and improve the function of your hyperextension orthosis even more.

reclination bar on hyperextension orthoses tlso for scheuerman kyphosis treatment

The rBow reclination bar can be assembled on any spinal brace type or TLSO system

Just 3 Steps.

Customize. Fixing. Setting.





What is the rBow?

The fitting component solution for an effective reclining hyperextending position.The design of the rBow is based on the Ortholutions sBrace series.

It is the functional and elegant solution for both active-dynamic reclining and for partially active and passive hyperextension. Because of the rBow’s versatility, many specialist firms meanwhile use it for all orthosis systems.

The biomechanical design.

The elegant, biomechanical design is responsible for the uncompromisingly excellent function and exceptional strength of the rBow. Even under great stress forces, the bow remains incredibly dimensionally stable throughout the length of its wear.


The rBow reclination bar is ready for use immediately and can be assembled in seconds. Fine adjustment of the rBow is carried out efficiently by means of thermo fitting.

According to indication, the expert decides whether the rBow should be fixed firmly in position on the orthosis or whether it should remain adjustable. 


Users can adjust the rBow to all everyday situations and spinal therapy requirements. To do this, he simply uses the efficient adjustable strap that is mounted at the dorsal end of the rBow.

Range of usage.

The rBow is compatible with all standard trunk orthosis systems and naturally with all individually produced orthoses. It can be used optionally as a dynamic or fixed component.