The sBrace Hyperextensions Orthoses.

Trunk orthoses for the sagittal configuration (sagittal realignment).

The hyperextension brace for the effective treatment of the sagittal profile of the spine.

The sBrace trunk orthoses as reclination brace or kyphosis brace for the sagittal configuration.


Kyphosis and sagittal treatment in orthopaedics.

sBrace modules target the sagittal and frontal spinal planes and are customised exactly for your patient’s indication. Maximum effect is achieved thanks to the ultra-lightweight but extremely stiff sBrace series frame design.

You can order the brace to suit your requirements: in off-the-peg or individual sizes or as a kit (the sBrace 2p). These effective modules are particularly good for hospitals and as kyphosis braces.

Indications: Morbus Scheuermann, kyphosis, hyper-lordosis , malformation, traumatologically and degenerative neurological  changes in the spine, back pain management, sagittal realignment.