Hyperextension brace – sBrace and sBrace 2p.

The hyperextension brace to treat the sagittal profile of the spine.

Two versions: mono-Frame as well as ventral and dorsal module components — individual or standardized.

Range of indications of the orthotics modules: thoracic kyphosis, Scheuermann’s disease of the thoracic spine, back pain management, sagittal realignment.

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tlso hyperextension brace orthosis for treatment of scheumerann kyphosis

The 2010 sBrace is the new generation of the tried and tested reclining corset with many innovative improvements.

The correction zones are more anatomical and functional in design. 

Fitting the TLSO sBrace is now even  time-saving for you.

The sBrace is available in four different sizes or it can be produced individually to your measurements in the Ortholutions CAD technology department.





The intelligent hyperextension orthosis.

The sBrace hyperextension brace is the trunk orthosis for effective and successful treatment of the sagittal profile of the spine.

Experts have great respect for the highly functional and effective design of the robust sBrace, and the users appreciate the practical and versatile possibilities of adaptation in all situations of everyday life.

The sBrace has been developed in two basic variations. Whereas the T sBrace achieves the maximum reclining effect in the thoracic region, the TL variation achieves this effect in the thoracolumbar region. Both biomechanical variations have a standard constant lordosis-reducing effect in the lumbar region.


tlso hyperextension brace orthoses for treatment m. scheumerann kyphosis

sBrace 2p. Hyperextension orthosis to treat the sagittal profile of the spine with a ventral and dorsal mudule component.


sBrace 2p

You will constantly discover more indications for using the sBrace 2p.

Through the individual cutting you can adapt the orthosis precisely for your indications.

In addition to the main area of effect of the orthosis you will discover many other possibilities  for using the sBrace 2p.

For special requirements you even have the possibility of obtaining a individual solution at any time for your patients.

You simply discuss the treatment in advance with the Ortholutions team.