The scoliosis night brace nBrace.

3d scoliosis-therapy with the nBrace night time brace.

Why use a scoliosis night brace?

scoliosis patient in night brace after rigo cheneau

The nBarce is based on the original RSC Brace Rigo Cheneau principles after the patented Ortholutions method. Scoliosis patients pull on the night time brace easily by themselves.

Scoliosis has been treated using braces, also called “trunk orthoses” for many years.

These correcting braces are worn during the growth phase of the children or adolescents until the skeleton has fully developed.

At that point in time, brace weaning will start. This is a process during which the brace-wearing time is decreased step by step.

Traditional scoliosis treatment involving a daily brace-wearing time of 23 hours has proven very successful.

For many patients, the nBrace night brace – a further development in the therapy of scoliosis – constitutes a reasonable and effective alternative to the successful scoliosis treatment.

The advantages of a night brace.

Unlike to most braces used for the treatment of scoliosis, the nBrace offers a great advantage. The patients wear this brace for only eight to ten hours during the night.

During the day, they can participate in normal activities and also do sports. Many physicians and orthopaedic technicians report that the brace is particularly well accepted by patients and parents since it is worn exclusively during the night. Moreover, they often see that children and adolescents have great psychological advantages when they can participate in daily activities without being restricted by a brace.

scoliosis patient with night time brace after Rigo Cheneau Ortholutions

How does the nBrace work?

The nBrace puts pressure on certain spots of the patient’s vertebral spine and other areas constitute important expansion spaces. These expansion zones are extremely important in order to prevent crushing effects since growth can only be regulated when there is enough free space.

The nBrace is designed to give a mirror image of the vertebral spine and the body.   This distinct form is required in order to achieve a correction. The success of the vertebral spine and trunk will ultimately depend on the degree of curvature and the associated stability. The regularity of wearing the brace constitutes an important factor.

Why is the nBrace worn exclusively during the night?

The nBrace can even be used for mild scoliosis curvatures. It is often used as a long brace for the night when a short brace is worn during the day. Another reason for the nBrace is given when the brace cannot be worn night and day for psychological reasons.

However, a night-time brace cannot reach the success of a full-time brace when such a brace is required.

How is the nBrace effective for my scoliosis?

A large number of medical studies have been performed in recent years which have shown that the corrective mechanisms (the shape and the so-called biomechanical design) of the nBrace are very effective for the treatment of certain types of scoliosis.

For many curvatures, in particular single curvatures of less than 35° Cobb in the area of the thorax (chest) and in the lumbar region (between the pelvis and the ribs), results similar to full-time braces can be achieved. In severe cases, however, a brace-wearing time of 23 hours cannot be avoided. In these cases, certain types of braces and treatment strategies can be combined.

Detailed explanations and information are available from your physician and Ortholutions.